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Theater of Meta-Interiority, Ensemble

Series of Work

Oratori’s Symbols of Language

“Theater of Meta-Interiority, Ensemble” is an expansive body of work created by Ari Melenciano. After creating twelve archetypes within the Otzkö Kazo culture she designed, Ari then embodied each of their tendencies/perspectives to produce each piece, and post-rationalize their meanings. Crafting Otzkö Kazo came from years of studying and synthesizing a global / multi-diasporaic collection of spiritualities, ritual practices, philosophies, myths, notions of enlightenment, and her own subconscious. It has also become the foundation to her artistic practice. During a self-guided residency, Ari explored various forms of both intelligence and transcendental expressions, catalysts of consciousness, and psychoanalysis through mythopoesis. To culminate her art and research residency, she invited fellow artists and creatives within her community to experience the studio visit / exhibit -- aspiring to aid others on their artistic trajectories as they witnessed the tools she’s developed for herself.

The title of the studio visit / exhibit alludes to methods she has developed for the artistic process. “Meta-Interiority,” a term coined by Melenciano, explores the opportunity to engage in a metacognitive and macro lens observation of one’s spiritual self-awareness and microtendencies. In the embodiment of each of the archetypes, her process in the studio also becomes a Theatrical and performative art practice. As she creates sonic and spiritual instruments, they collage together into an Ensemble of different tools and representations of consciousness.

This essay shares the process in creating this work. And, each index section following this page individually describes the art created within this entire body of work.