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Ari Melenciano

Artist • Technologist • Researcher • Theorist




[Studio Art,  Writing,  3D Design,  Performance,  Sound, AI/ML,  Photography,  Research,  Interactive Code,  Physical Computing]

Series of Experiments in Dance and Sound

(3D animations, remixes, sound studies | 2024)

Theater of Meta-Interiority, Ensemble

(Solo art exhibition + essay | 2024)

  •Diagrams of Otzkö Kazo’s ---  Philosophies

        •Htzioro’s Paintings | Htziara’s Paint


        •Supratemporal Sueños of Azueli

        •Oratori’s Symbols of Language

        •Anza’s Cosmogram


        •Soloro and Seira’s Symphosynthesis

        •Toiszo’s Time Dimensions

        •Gjzitiua’s Sonic Sculptures


        •Spherical Theater of the Subconscious Plasticity

        •Axzistoc’s Documentation: Process as Art


Sculpting Consciousness: Art as a Materialization of Research — and Vice Versa

(Essay | 2023)

AI Self Portraits, Series

(AI Photo Series | 2023)

Computational Anthropology and Exploring Identity through Artificial Synthesis 

(Essay | 2023)

Paradoxical Intelligence

(Essay | 2023)

Symphosynthesis de Otzkö Kazo

(Performance at UMD | 2023)

Computational Anthropology

(AI Image Series | 2021)

Hues of Stzair Echology | 001

(Modular Synthesis Soundscape | 2021)

Finger User Interface (FUI)

(Interactive Code, Hardware Machine Learning | 2021)

Celestial Florilegia 

(3D Rendering, Speculative Botany | 2021)

Strawberry Sounds

(Biosonification | 2021)

Revel in the Minutae

(Video Art, Soundscape, Poetry | 2021)

Studio Museum’s Artists on Artists: Live Modular Synth Set

(Modular Synthesis | 2021)

Traveling the Interstitium

(WebVR | 2021)

National Endowment for the Arts: Building Afrocentric Technoculture and Community 

(Essay | 2021)

Electrocology of Sound Travel 

(WebVR | 2020)


(WebVR | 2020)

Notes on Omni-Specialized Design for Beautiful Futures 

(Essay | 2020)

Electro Negro Synesthesyo 

(Sound Sculptures | 2019)

Radical Technoculture for Racial Equity 

(Essay | 2019)

Ojo Oro

(Physical Computing, Product Design | 2018)

Building a Museum 353 Years in the Future 

(Essay | 2018)

Experiments + Research

Experimental Architectural Drafting (2020)

Recorded Talks

Women of Color in Engineering Collaborative

(Fireside Chat | 2024)

Sculpting Consciousness: Mythopoesis, AI, and the Symphony of Cultural Metacognition at WhatIf Summit
(Keynote | 2023)

MIT Media Lab‘s Lunch Lecture Series:
Generative AI and Artistic Practice

(Keynote | 2023)

Parsons School of Design’s Cloud Salon: Sculpting Consciousness

(Keynote | 2023)

Dubai Future Forum: Towards Other Futures

(Moderator | 2023)

Iterations.Online: Sentient Code

(Keynote | 2023)

AI & Art: Reflections on Language, Myths and Culture with Ari Melenciano at Montclair State Universities Galleries

(Discussion | 2023)

TheHost.Is: Afrotectopia Book and Computational Anthropology

(Keynote | 2022)

Carnegie Mellon University’s The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry’s Art && Code: Homemade | Electromedia, Design, Culture
(Keynote | 2021)

California College of the Arts - CCA: Speculating Futures Through Omni-Specialized Design

(Keynote | 2021)

MIT Open Documentary Lab: Design Fluidity and Black Radical Imagination
(Keynote | 2021)

ArtCenter College of Design: Critical Discourse in Design
(Panelist | 2021)

School of Visual Arts’ Products of Design Lecture Series
(Keynote | 2020)

Harvard’s Black in Design Conference: Black Power Meets the Digital: Equity & Justice in Technology and Media

(Panel | 2019)


Studio Visit Vlog with Dev Moore


Back to Listen: Forces of Thought


Caimpaign US: Black Artists to Watch


University of Maryland’s Inaugural Arts for All Residents


Oroko Radio’s Long Distance
With Dre Ngozi


Wired: How to Spot AI-Generated Art, According to Artists


Sundance Film Festival: AI


Technically Optimistic: On Strike! How will AI impact the economy, culture, and the future of creativity?


Forbes: Dispatch From A Black Future: An Interview With Ari Melenciano


Art as Social Practice: Technologies for Change


Gabriela Hirst x Pioneer Works


WIX: The sight and sound of Ari Melenciano


New York Magazine’s Curbed Feature




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