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Spherical Theater of Subconscious Plasticity

Projected film (Using AI generated material), Live Composition of Jungle-Techno-Psychedlia Sounds, Dome-like Seat 

This installation culminated the Theater of Meta-Interiority, Ensemble experience. As guests sit within the dome-shaped seat, who’s structure distorts their visual, sonic, and physical sensorial perceptions, an excerpt of the Otzkö Kazo film that abstractly retells the story of archetypes is projected in front of them. The visuals were complimented by a live composition that Ari played using a curation of Jungle-Techno-Psychedelia sounds. Each composition was created unique for each guest. Upon completion of the experience, guests often expressed experiencing a trance and pleasurable over-stimulation that stiched together the story Ari had shared with them throughout the tour.